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Co Sleeper Facts


1. What is co-sleeping?

Co-sleeping is a term commonly used to describe the act of sleeping with one’s own baby.

2. What are the benefits of co-sleeping?

The Co-Sleeper® baby cot keeps baby close to you at all times.

You can rest comfortably and recuperate from childbirth while attending to your child without leaving your bed.

This is especially important after Caesarean section births.

It attaches to your bed under the mattress and is securely strapped into place.

It connects to twin, full, queen, king and California King adult beds

Co-sleeping provides:

• Easy access to baby

• Enhancement of the natural bonding process

• More comfortable and efficient care-giving such as: feeding,

soothing, comforting, diaper changing etc. than can be accomplished

if the baby slept in a separate bed or bedroom.

• Helps parents sleep better as they know they are right beside their baby.

3. What is the relationship between co-sleeping and S.I.D.S.?

Cultures where parents commonly co-sleep with their babies have the lowest rate of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, S.I.D.S., in the world, while cultures where parents do not commonly sleep with their babies have the highest rate of S.I.D.S.. Current studies are starting to draw a correlation between S.I.D.S. and babies who sleep in rooms by themselves. The evidence suggests that some infants may fall into abnormally deep sleep and “forget to breath”. With a baby at arm’s reach, parents are easily alerted to abnormal breathing or other signals of distress, that may be missed if the baby were in a separate room.

4. What are the possible drawbacks of co-sleeping? Can it be dangerous?

The most common criticism of co-sleeping is a fear that a parent might roll over on the infant causing harm. This criticism is easy to counter. Co-sleeping can be accomplished by having a baby sleep in a bed that attaches to the parent’s bed in such a way as to allow parental access while preventing the baby from rolling out and into the parent’s bed. The Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper® bassinet is a product that accomplishes this goal.

5. Why is co-sleeping good for breast feeding?

Co-sleeping is beneficial for breast feeding mothers and infants. Co-sleeping allows a mother to nurse her infant “upon demand” and according to many physicians this is better for baby and also stimulates the lactation process that results in a strong and normal milk production from the mother.

6. What is bonding and how does co-sleeping enhance the human bonding process?

Bonding is a natural process that occurs between newborn babies and their parents. The bonding process is naturally strongest between mother and baby in the earliest part of the baby’s life for the simple reason that it is the mother who is most often near the baby providing warmth, food and security. It is natural to assume that bonding is enhanced between parent and child when there is increased time spent in close proximity to one another- again this is achieved while co-sleeping.

7. How is the Co-Sleeper® different from any other cot that can lower one side?

Without the attachment system that the Co-Sleeper® has, it is NOT SAFE to sleep with a side lowered. Your baby will not be able to see you and you will not be able to draw the child towards you for comfort if the side is not lowered. The Co-Sleeping effect will be totally lost. Also, regular in use cots do not fold down for ease to travel.

8. Is it easy to assemble?

There is NO assembly, it simply folds up and folds down-its that easy.

9. How long does it last?

6 months or 23lbs, whichever comes first.

10. How do you wash it?

Sponge-clean with a mild detergent, its very easy to clean. No need for mattress protection as it is impermeable.

11. How much do the extra sheets cost?

EUR 14, each sheet is custom fitted and has Velcro strips on the outside to secure it to the Co-Sleeper® unit AND Velcro strips on the inside to secure the sheet to the mattress itself. This is an added safety feature and makes the entire system even more stable for your baby.

12. What colour is it available in?

Just one, natural colour, it fits all painting schemes and is very neutral for the babies comfort.

13. Is there storage space under the mattress?

Yes, lot of it, its perfect for nappies, wipes, powder etc and there are storage pouches on both sides also.