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About Us

Bringing innovative products to Ireland

Cots.ie is a family business with 2 Irish families working closely together to bring innovative and safe products to the Irish and European Market. Thomas first used the Armsreach® Mini Co-Sleeper with his first child in the USA. Thomas loved the product so much that he and his wife decided it should be available here in Ireland.

Richard obtained all the necessary Safety Standards for the Armsreach® Co-Sleeper in Ireland, England and the European market and then Thomas and Richard started Cots.ie. Since then we have not looked back. The huge sucess of the Armsreach® Mini Co-Sleeper led us to bring the Armsreach® Universal Co-sleeper to Irish shores.

The Safe-T-Seat is the latest innovative product that we have sourced where the child can safely bike ride in front where they can see! We are so confident in our products and we know you will love them. Should you have any questions please ring us or send us a mail.

All the best,
from the Cots.ie team

PS: The sales of the Universal Co-Sleeper have rocketed in 2014. Order now to avoid disappointment. The Universal Co-Sleeper ships for free in Ireland.

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